Mulberry Tree at Home is a small business based in Cheshire run by Sharon Howe and her partner Kevin Hinds who specialise in using reclaimed wood to create unique country themed furniture and home accessories.

Sharon explains “We work in a sustainable, less wasteful way by reclaiming materials such as wood, horseshoes and gun cartridges etc. The beauty of reclaimed wood is the character of the grain, old nail holes and the imperfections created by time. Once restored and used in a piece of furniture in conjunction with used horseshoes, you end up with a completely unique piece which is beautiful. You can imagine a history there and it becomes a talking point. We build items which let your home tell a story and say something about you as an individual. What’s more, each piece is handmade to last.

Products are inspired by country living all over Great Britain and include tables, stools, storage chests and a host of accessories.

One of the most popular collections is the horse inspired Equestrian Collection which includes the much-loved Cheltenham Horseshoe Serving Tray along with many other wood and horseshoe themed pieces. For a more personalised touch, Mulberry Tree at Home are able to use shoes from clients own horses. Perfect for a thoughtful gift or horsey household. Other popular product collections include Country Home, Country Kids, Outdoor and Garden and Stable and Tack Room Collections. There is even a Shotgun Cartridge Collection.

Bespoke pieces are handmade to exact dimensions. You can view the whole range at or follow them on instagram and facebook.

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