Apt Cavalier is a Scottish based equestrian clothing brand, which focuses on performance clothing and enhancing your everyday experience in the saddle. Now, I can almost hear you asking “does the world REALLY need another equestrian brand” and the answer is probably no.

I see brand after brand claiming that they began because there were no comfortable and affordable brands out there for horse riders, and while that was perhaps true five years ago, it’s not anymore. I guess I’m not supposed to say this, but in reality, there are tonnes of brands out there who are smashing it, making great clothes for riding in.

But Apt Cavalier doesn’t just sell riding clothes. We sell empowerment, confidence and comfort. We sell peace of mind: you can throw on an AC outfit in the morning and know it is going to support you and keep you comfortable from dawn until dusk. Whether your riding, mucking out, running, lifting at the gym, dog walking, grocery shopping or straight up chilling out; we’ve got you.

Apt Cavalier isn’t really about the clothes – although the clothes are amazing, trust me – it’s about that feeling of being able to conquer your day once you put them on. That feeling of being unstoppable.

That’s what we sell.


Founder, CEO and Equestrian enthusiast

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