Posted on 26th May 2021 by Herd It Here Creative

Use Your Precious Time Wisely

We have noticed a recent increase in a particular message. Just one sentence that offers a hook and perhaps some hope to those looking for an alternative. It is not a new message, we have seen it many times before:

“Stop trading time for money!”

Five simple words, that is it. We will all interpret this in a different way, perhaps you see financial freedom or a new way of working.

What do we see?

Five simple words that will only lead you to disappointment. Why?

When you embark on a new business venture, from a side “hustle” upwards, the one asset you begin with is your time. That could be time spent on marketing yourself, creating a product or delivering a service. It could also be time previously spent developing your skills, gaining qualification.

You grow your business using your time. An hour a day on social media from your phone or more likely 12 hours a day from your desk! You employ your first team member, they bring new skills to your business. You begin to trade their time for money. It may not be your time anymore but you will always be trading someones.

You grow your business to the point where you can employ managers, you step away from the frontline but remain in charge. You will still spend time on your business, supporting and nurturing. You might be able to take more holidays, you gain financial freedom to buy that dream car or property. How did you get to that point?

By investing your time.

Our time is our most valuable asset. It is finite and must be spent carefully. So our five words are:

“Use your precious time wisely”

Analyse what will bring you greatest reward and invest your time in it. That is what will differentiate you from the others. That is what will accelerate your success. That is how you earn your financial freedom.

If you’re ready to level up your business and want to use your time more efficiently, book your free discovery call here and let’s chat about how we can help!







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