Posted on 22nd December 2020 by Verena Bowyer

Three Things To Remember this December

Don’t worry, I am not going to stand on my stool and preach about how we should all be grateful, but instead remind you that you’re brilliant as you are.

And instead remind you how to keep being yourself and true to you this December.


How someone reacts to you, or what you’ve said


is out of your control. How they react to how softly or loudly you’ve put the milk on the table is a reflection of their mood, rather than how they actually view you. Allow others to have space without flying off your guard when they annoy you.

They could be having a bad hair day, or just got a text from a lover that didn’t fit with what they were hoping for or expecting, or didn’t get a message from their lover.

Remind yourself that you’re great with the words ‘I am enough and I am not the issue here’.

As much as we wish we were mind readers, sadly (and usefully when it comes to that smile when asked whether we’d liked the brussel sprouts) we aren’t. Let yourself and others off from their reactions.

Keep safe at all times!


Your presence matters more than your presents


What you get on the big day, or around that big day, will no doubt look different to that of what you see on social media. Protect yourself and your heart but remembering that we are all allowed to feel ‘meh’ about the presents but that your presence in your loved ones and those that love you matters more than the presenTs that someone gets on social media.

They may have the watch or the boots you dreamed of, but they may dream of your argument free day. Give yourself permission to leave comparison at the door.


What you eat doesn’t define you


If you pick that extra potato, or snack on the Celebrations box; you are still worthy, you are still worth everything.

Eat when your body asks you to, you might have to eat an extra slice of cheese because if you don’t, your sibling will and no one else is going shopping to buy more.

You are not what you eat, although our familes continue to remind us that ‘a moment on the lips, a lifetime on the hips’.

My love handles love me and that’s all I need to know!

Stay safe, stay true to you and most importantly love yourself. I think you’re awesome!


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Verena Bowyer

Posted by Verena Bowyer

Regional Reporter - North West

I am a lifestyle/country living content creator in the North West of England. I have a passion for taking the country side to the people, wherever they are in their world. I am a stay at home wife, passionate horse owner, and I love to host and provide escapism from people’s normal day to day, be that through jokes or a conversation that is a bit out of their day to day. I feel that meeting people, joining with discussion and enjoying a good natter helps the soul. I am a hard working, committed girl who wishes the answers were found in carbs and melted cheese! Earl Grey is my go to, and I am happiest when in the garden, reading a thriller or making small talk about the most recent tv show binge over a cocktail and some loud laughter!

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