Posted on 29th April 2020 by Lindsey McDean

Take 5 with… Martha Lily Photography

Next up in our ‘Take 5 with…‘ feature is Martha Lily Photography

Tell us a little about you and your business?

I am an equine portrait, event and commercial photographer. I use primarily natural light, just me and my camera. I began portraits very young in 2011 and began events in 2015.

With your business – Who, What or Where inspires you?

I’d have to say my mother always inspires me. She too is self employed although she does print for us at events too in our horse box, Margot. She inspired me to do what I love and not look back. I’m constantly inspired by strong, dedicated and inspired business owners of all kinds. I even follow a hairdresser from London that creates all kinds of vibrant looks. I like her because she is unapologetically herself and a boss lady!

What does a typical day look like?

I get up and spend way too much time on social media, sipping at my strong cup of tea checking up on my latest scheduled post to see how it’s doing and engage with my lovely audience. I then pull myself out of bed and do the ponies. Sometimes I ride in our arena or I just chuck them out and muck out. I then shower and get ready for the day. I try and make a list once a week, usually a Sunday or a Monday and then I often do another list for aims for the following day if I’m not having a rest day. I’ll do admin or a shoot and then come back either me or mum or both of us will do the horses. We might hack. If it’s a shoot day I’ll come back chill for a bit and do a bit of editing for a sneak peek post or some photo culling.

What’s next on the horizon for Martha Lily Photography?

So much I don’t even know myself to be quite honest! I have so much I’d like to do. I want to keep serving my amazing audience and creating for myself as well as my lovely lovely clients. This year was to be a quiet year with no burn outs, clearly the virus took it too literally and it’s very quiet. I’m remaining grateful and getting lot’s of admin done and creating some, what I think is great content. I’ve been enjoying creating weekly photography tip Tuesdays over on Instagram IGTV. Teaching was always on the cards for me, it’s something I’ll do more of the further into my career I get for sure.

Spreading Positivity During Lockdown – What’s your top tip?

Always be grateful. If it’s for waking up healthy, a roof over your head or your pet. The more you stay positive and feel abundant, like you have more than enough. More will follow. It’s something I’ve learnt relatively recently and it’s working for me. I’ve been a grateful person for a long time, I’ve always appreciated the small things. The other day it had rained and I took a big deep breath when walking to get the ponies and I just thought wow, so fresh. What an amazing world we live in. Appreciate everything. At the start of the pandemic I also created something I call the “lockdown lets get it list” It’s on my blog. As a way to regain control. It’s working for me keeping busy when I feel I need to. It’s also so important to rest. This is incredibly overwhelming no doubt about that.


Special Ladies Countryside Community Offer

Martha is offering 10% off any shoots booked in 2020.

To book please email Martha here and quote Ladies Countryside Community.

Find Martha Lily Photography on Facebook and Instagram.


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Posted by Lindsey McDean

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