Posted on 22nd April 2020 by Lindsey McDean

Take 5 with… Featherlass

Our next ‘Take 5 with…’ guest is Hollie Cruikshank of Featherlass.

Tell us a little about you and your business?

I’m 22 and based in the North East of Scotland. Featherlass came to life in October 2019, after a graduate job setback, as something to fill my time over the winter. I create bespoke items and accessories with spent cartridges and genuine game bird feathers which are all from local shoots and estates.

With your business – Who, What or Where inspires you?

The majority of my inspiration comes from nature, as the majority of my materials are natural. There are others who make things with feathers – and dye their feathers bright colours, which to me takes away the whole point of using natural materials!

What does a typical day look like?

Unfortunately, Featherlass isn’t a full time job for me (never say never though!), so a typical day for me would be out the house by 7am for work, and home via the yard after doing the horses, just in time for starting supper at 7 ish! I am normally up until 11-ish doing orders, and when I have a lot of them that is when my 10-14 day dispatch comes into play.


What’s next for Featherlass?

So just as Covid-19 kicked off I had received my invoice for a stand at my first show (a local game fair) and I’m so gutted it won’t be happening this year now ? I am aiming to gain some stockists this year, and I have had some businesses come to me directly, but I’ve been so busy with normal orders I haven’t found a chance to get samples to them yet. I have also been given some shells that are super hard to find in the UK and have some special feathers too, so I’m hoping to get some new stock added to my website too.

Spreading Positivity During Lockdown – What’s your top tip?

I’m doing my best to post pictures with happy things in them (dogs and the colour yellow) are firm favourites. I am not pushing sales as much as I normally do as; A. people aren’t going out, so don’t have an occasion to wear my items to, and B. sick pay for isolation doesn’t go very far in terms of supporting a household so people should be buying food etc, not my feathers.

Find Featherlass over on Facebook and Instagram


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Lindsey McDean

Posted by Lindsey McDean

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