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LCC Equine | Spring is here!

Written By Guest Author: Emily (EWN Dressage)



At last, spring is finally here! Every horse owner is filled with joy at the thought of lighter evenings and every horse is full of the freshness of spring, plus after the year we’ve had competitions restarting and getting back training just feels like Christmas all over again.

Another thing I love about spring is that I find it’s the best time to get the jobs done that we’ve been putting off all winter, like tack room clean outs and adjusting your horse’s work regime.

Once of the best parts is also the copious amounts of foal photos we get to see at this time of year, I just love it!



We all know that spring also means grass, and lots of it! Whilst we already know that grass is synonymous with laminitis it can also give your horse some possibly undesired energy and might mean adjusting their feed, so I suggest getting in touch with an equine nutritionist or calling your feed company’s helpline for a bit of advice if you think you need it.


When it comes to altering your riding routine there are a few things to bear in mind.


The famous spring clean doesn’t just apply to your house, it’s a great idea to have a thorough clean of the yard too. Get all your winter rugs washed, stables cleaned with Jeyes Fluid and get all your boots, bandages and saddlepads washed and ready for spring training.

You can also give your tack room a good sweep out and mop, clean all your tack and reorganise your cupboards and shelves. It might also be an idea to do your feed room and hay barn too, we accumulate so much rubbish and dirt in such a short amount of time but sometimes you don’t notice it until it’s all swept into a pile!


But I think we can all agree, the best thing about spring is riding in the nice weather. Schooling sessions in T-shirt’s and long sunny hacks just feel glorious after a long and cold winter, going for a gallop through the drier fields or going out to a show, it’s all made better with a bit of sunshine.

The last thing I recommend doing this spring is enjoying time with your horse. Whether it’s riding, grooming or just sitting out in the field with them on a sunny day, there’s just nothing better than spending time with our wonderful animals.




More about EWN Dressage:

EWN Dressage was created out of a love of the sport and willingness to support other riders in the industry.

I pride myself on coaching riders to their best ability in order to unlock their horses hidden potential, as well as their own. My way of training is heavily based on the scales of training and classical dressage, but this doesn’t mean we are not able to work together to create the best learning program for each individual’s needs.

As well as the practical aspect of my job I am also an equestrian lifestyle blogger and content creator documenting my journey with my own horses and training.






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