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You might be thinking that this is something to do with Dating, and in a way it has, but on a deeper level. 

We have all heard of the law of gravity, and we don’t have to understand it fully to know that it is true. Much like the Law of Attraction, we might not totally understand how it happens, but I can definitely tell you it exists.

So what is the Law of Attraction, and why have you not heard of it before?  Simply put, just like the law of gravity, it is always in effect and always in motion.  It states that you will attract into your life, what you focus on. 

It is a state of mind, using the power of positive thoughts and energy. We are all made up of energy and the law of attraction is an exchange of energy and we are all intrinsically connected to the universe by energy. 

Simply put, the law of attraction says that you will Attract into your life whatever you focus on. Whatever you give your energy and attention to, you will receive back. If you stay focused on the positive things in your life, you will automatically attract more good and positive things back. But if you are focused on negative thoughts, or the lack of something, you will receive more of that. What you focus on expands. 

Like attracts like. If you are feeling happy, excited, positive, joyous, and abundant, you are sending positive energy to the universe. However, if you are feeling sad, depressed, unhappy, stressed, angry, or anxious you are sending negative energy to the universe through the law of attraction. 

The universe responds with the same energy giving you more of the same. You need to make sure you are always sending the right signals and the right vibrational energy. So if love and joy is what you want to attract into your life, you have to make sure you’re creating the same vibrational energy and sending it out to the universe.  

If you are constantly thinking “I have no money” or “I am terrible with money” then that is what you will attract. If you want lots of money, you have to think of lots of money. Love your money and your finances and you will get more of the same back. 

I use the law of attraction with my clients to help them re write their thoughts to have a better understanding of their money and finances.  I help them not to concentrate on what they don’t have but to concentrate on the abundance they do have already in their lives. 



More about BP Finance Coach:

“Hi, I’m Bryony, your finance coach!

Throughout my career and as a finance coach, I have worked in many types of industries, including care homes, hospitality, animal feed, equine and agriculture.  During this time, I have gained a wealth of knowledge and understanding of how businesses run, and on individuals’ pain points when running them. For many years I have helped turn businesses around from the brink right through to their brilliance. And I LOVE it!

Having worked in finance for over 25 years, you could say I know finance inside and out! I am also a qualified AAT accountant, and worked as a finance manager for many years before going freelance 9 years ago.

As a finance manager I gained an excellent understanding of how a business operates and was the go-to trouble shooter for messy businesses and accounts for many years. I am also a director of my family’s companies so understand the legal requirements of running a limited company.

I help businesses understand their finances and costs, and individuals understand their spending habits, finances and help both plan for the future. A typical day for me could be helping clients with their pricing, packages, mindset, goal setting, or creating budgets and cash flow forecasts.

I’m a country girl at heart and grew up in rural Leicestershire. Coming from an agricultural, equestrian and hospitality background, whilst growing up I was either bottle-feeding lambs, feeding ewes, or driving our antique little “grey Fergie” around gathering bales while haymaking, or riding my pony Sophie. This is why I specialise in supporting Rural enterprises as I understand the struggles they face.

When I am not working, I like nothing more than exploring the New Forest and Dorset with my family and cocker spaniel, Finlay. I am passionate about our native flora and fauna and am happiest outside.

I am so excited at the prospect of helping you understand your money, take the fear out of your finances and to help you have complete peace of mind around what can be a baffling subject.” – Bryony

Visit BP Finance Coach Website here


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Posted by Lindsey McDean

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