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Regional Reporter Spotlight | Verena

Here’s your chance to find out a more about the incredible ladies in our Regional Reporter Team with our Spotlight Interview Series.

Our Team bring you stories from their patch of the UK sharing their hobbies, recommendations and more about life in the country!


Meet Verena our North West Regional Reporter…

Tell us a little bit about yourself, where you live and why you love it.

I am Verena, born and live in the North of England.  I grew up in Yorkshire and then moved to Lancashire (don’t mention the rose…) – I love the North for it’s locals, the weather and because it isn’t hard to get to London/Scotland.  However, so so deep in the countryside and in the hidden paradise of North Lancashire!


What are some of the favourite places in your region? You favourite days out, places to eat…anything goes!

The pubs in this area are breath taking – they all appear to be in competition with each other, and all very close in standard.  The best I would recommend would be The Lunesdale Arms, in Tunstall.  There are also lots of different shops popping up all over the place – one I am a big fan of is The Milking Parlour, Kirkby Lonsdale.  Lots of other things to see are free, like the Lake District is just under 20 miles away and the scenery is breathtaking.


What inspired you to become a Regional Reporter for the LCC?

I love writing and I love sharing what I have. So being an LCC Regional Reporter provides really itches that itch!


Tell us about what hobbies you have and how you like to spend your free time.

I am a riding instructor, with an addiction to Instagram, Earl Grey tea and walking.  I love disappearing into my own world in the countryside, it is a wonderful experience!  I also love cooking – maybe the walking provides the need for the walking!!


Do you have any top tips for juggling living and working at home?

I have always lived and worked from home, being freelance. My tips, get dressed, find your favourite mug and remember, you are not being watched – work to your own timing or schedule.  And get the work done, the relaxing will be even sweeter.



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