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Q&A with… Victoria Knowles-Lacks

Exciting times ahead for The Shotgun & Chelsea Bun Club founder Victoria Knowles-Lacks who is also a No. 1 Bestselling author with her book Make It Happen,  which is a masterclass in the power of mindset. Here I  grabbed a quick Q&A with the lovely lady…

What was your inspiration for starting the Shotgun & Chelsea Bun Club?

Prior to the S&CBC, in 2010 I had a blog called where I’d blog about guns, shooting trips, I’d review clothing and do ‘Field Fashion Friday’. At the time it was the only womens shooting blog out there which was terrifying as I had nothing to gauge it against – taught me alot in terms of confidence, taking a risk and putting myself out there! The aim of the blog was to inform and educate non-shooting women and to make them feel comfortable to give them as much info as possible as I knew how scary it was getting into shooting!

So ladies shooting was the starting point and a catalyst really. At the time there was nothing around that was specific to women. It was pretty difficult to even get a women’s shooting vest, let alone womens only shooting lessons, clothing, guns etc. The response was incredible and that’s where it all began. From my modest little social following where I had about 200 Twitter followers, I mentioned about taking some non-shooting friends out for a shoot and I took a cake along and that’s when it began – people would reach out to me saying they’d like to come to one of my events and that’s when I knew I’d found my calling. For me it’s always been about community, confidence and just not taking yourself too seriously. It was about making shooting accessible and providing a fun and inclusive environment.

Do you get the chance to do much shooting yourself?

Not as much as I’d like to. Before I started the S&CBC I was out shooting ALL THE TIME and I thought running a shooting club I’d be shooting every day of the week, but it just doesn’t happen that way. I’d talk about shooting all the time and always be liaising with grounds and shooters, but it just happened that Monday – Friday I’d be at my desk all day, Saturdays I’d be at events hosting and Sundays I’d be knackered! I always made time for game days but just recently I’ve not shot much at all. My life has changed so much since I started the S&CBC and these days other things tend to take priority.

Which do you enjoy the most – clay or game?

Clays – Simulated Game Days and Charity Clay Days in the summer are my absolute favourite! I love nothing more than a hot sunny day, a dream team of guns, some challenging high ones and that awesome apres shooting that continues well into the night. I can’t wait to be joining some of the S&CBC girls on our sim days in the Spring!

What would be your top tip for those new to the world of shooting?

I’ve got a few tips – first up would be to find a good instructor and listen to them and filter out everyone else – people mean well but there is so much conflicting information and opinions out there. Find an instructor that you click with and just listen to them.

Secondly, don’t forget to enjoy it! I see so many women (and guys) get really annoyed when they’re not shooting well or progressing as quickly as they like – it’s all part of the journey, learn what you can and enjoy it! Also don’t overthink it – this is something I really struggled with.

What’s been the Shotgun & Chelsea Bun Clubs biggest achievement so far?

Oh my goodness, there have been so many achievements! Not just for us, but for our members too, lives have been changed as a result of our club.

For me personally as the founder, can I share my top 5? If so:

1. Being told you’ve changed the face of an industry is pretty humbling and up there! When I started I had no idea that the S&CBC would achieve what it has. We have literally pioneered an industry and I’m so proud of that.

2. Getting 20,000 women into a sport I love has been pretty epic too. The joy in the face of a woman hitting her first clay is incredible + some of our ladies are now shooting internationally and to a very high level after starting on S&CBC days.

3. Winning 10 awards

4. Getting the S&CBC on TV twice, global and national press features too. We have members around the world!

5. The life-changing impact my little club has had on our members, in fact beyond that on the industry!

With Maxine now taking the reins as Manager, what’s in the pipeline for the Shotgun & Chelsea Bun Club in 2020?

I’m so excited for this brand new decade for the club. 2020 for us is all about fresh energy, fresh enthusiasm and lots more ladies shooting events! I’ve officially stepped into the role of Chair and Maxine is our brilliant new manager is working alongside our mega team of 12 Regional Officers. Expect a lot more noise about women shooters, more events and more innovation! We’ve got such a dream team running the S&CBC now. It’s going to be a big year!

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