Posted on 1st December 2020 by Becky Wren

O Christmas Tree… O Christmas Tree…

Have you ever hired a Christmas Tree? No? I hadn’t either until this year. I mean 2020 is all a bit different this year, so a perfect time to think outside the box this Christmas.

I caught up with the lovely Alice from Occasional Trees based in Somerset to get the low down on how it works & the benefits to both the environment & the customer

1.      So, why should people hire a Christmas tree this year rather than heading to commercial town or Christmas tree farm?

Of course, we’re not saying you can’t purchase a cut tree or a fake one, but with so much attention being focused on climate change and how we are fast using up the planet’s resources – we all need to make as many small changes as possible to become greener and work in harmony with the environment.

We’re a small family run business who are passionate about trees. Scott is a Tree Surgeon and I’m an Event Manager. We’re both very conscious of the ‘footprint’ we’re leaving on the planet. Scott is working hard on many tree planting projects and I’m always looking for ways to make events greener.

Becky– that’s amazing to know & I think this year we’re all making an extra conscious effort to be more green.

2.      What are the benefits of hiring a Christmas tree?

All our trees are potted and live. So, they continue to grow and lock away carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. They’ll make the air around you cleaner and unlike an artificial tree they won’t eventually end up in landfill. Did you know that in a year, an acre of trees can absorb the same amount of carbon dioxide that a car produces travelling 26,000 miles? – Becky: Wow, no I didn’t!

They also pose less of a fire risk, as they do not dry out like a traditional cut tree. As they’re living, they need watering and the water which they absorb means their branches do not dry out, reducing the risk of them catching on fire. You’ll still get the same wonderful Christmas tree smell and a warm fuzzy feeling knowing that you aren’t just going to throw the cut tree away in January, it will come back to us and spend the year outside growing and locking away carbon until the following Christmas.

You also get to see my smiling face when I delivery it!

3.      How long does the tree last compared to a cut tree?

With the correct care whilst in your home, they’ll last for the whole of the Christmas period. They require watering every day, it’s important that they do not try out, but don’t want to be soggy. They also don’t want to be put near a heat source such as a radiator, fire of in direct sunlight, as these can cause it to dry out quickly and then stress the tree. As they are Nordman fir’s the needles won’t drop either, so your hire tree should look green and fresh come New Year.

Becky – and with many of us more than ever working from home, daily watering of the Christmas tree is actually an experience to look forward to!

4.      Isn’t hiring a Christmas tree expensive?

No! We’ve tried to price the hire of a tree at a similar rate to what you would pay for a cut tree, based on size.

We offer free delivery and collection within a 10mile radius of our yard in Crewkerne, Somerset. So, if you factor in the cost of purchasing a cut or artificial tree and then the cost of driving to the shop to get it, it should work out at a similar cost.

Beckyvery true, artificial trees would have racked up their carbon footprint, especially if they were produced in the far east.

5.      How does it all work?

We’ve tried to make it as simple as possible, so get in touch with us and we’ll ask you to complete a form with a few simple questions. Once you’ve told us what size you want, when you want it delivered/collected. we’ll book your delivery slot and reserve your tree for you.

Then we will send an invoice for the hire, deposit and any transport costs should you be further away than 10 miles. The deposit covers any damage to the tree or if it dies due to neglect, but we refund this when we collect the tree and ensure it’s still happy and healthy.

Then all you need to do is decide where you’re going to put it and get the Christmas Decs down from the attic!

Becky – sounds really straight forward & great to have someone collect the tree rather than having to cut it up or wait for the Council to collect it.

6.      Are there many companies doing this in the south-west?

We don’t think there are! There are some in London and ‘Up North’ but we can’t find anyone in Somerset who does it.

Becky – that’s great news for a west country business. Thank you so much for explaining more about hiring a Christmas tree to the Ladies Countryside Community readers.

We’d love to know if you’re planning on hiring a Christmas tree this year & where from. Let’s spread the Christmas tree love this Christmas.

If you’d like to find out more about hiring a Christmas tree, pop over to to find out more.

Becky Wren

Posted by Becky Wren

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