Posted on 22nd December 2020 by Verena Bowyer

New Year, Same Me


I am not one for big new year’s resolutions. Let’s be honest, by 5th January, I am eating the Bounties in the bottom of the Celebrations box and wishing that they were still on offer.

I would like to quickly say, that regardless of whether you are keen on the resolutions or not so keen,

It’s time to remember that every month, every week, every day can be a day to make a change.

If you fancy a quick and easy one, only 15 minutes a day – try giving yourself 1% of your day for self care. That is 14minutes and 4 seconds – I have rounded it up to 15 minutes!

Self care ideas:

15 minutes of

– looking at the view without your phone

– reading a book

– drinking your tea in silence

– focusing on your breathing

– long shower

– an extra dog walk

– foot massage

– manicure

– head massage

– swimming pool trip

– listening to your favourite music

– writing down your best features

– singing at the top of your voice

– an orgasm

– having that cry that’s been brewing


Take 15 minutes to give yourself that little boost that keeps you being your best self.

15 minutes a day, that’s usually how long it takes to make a cup of tea, or do a number two on the loo with your phone in your hand…


You’ve got this!

Photo by Jessica Ruscello on Unsplash

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Verena Bowyer

Posted by Verena Bowyer

Regional Reporter - North West

I am a lifestyle/country living content creator in the North West of England. I have a passion for taking the country side to the people, wherever they are in their world. I am a stay at home wife, passionate horse owner, and I love to host and provide escapism from people’s normal day to day, be that through jokes or a conversation that is a bit out of their day to day. I feel that meeting people, joining with discussion and enjoying a good natter helps the soul. I am a hard working, committed girl who wishes the answers were found in carbs and melted cheese! Earl Grey is my go to, and I am happiest when in the garden, reading a thriller or making small talk about the most recent tv show binge over a cocktail and some loud laughter!

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