Posted on 2nd March 2021 by Lisa Holden

Has Spring Arrived?

Over the last week spring seems to have well and truly arrived. A lush green richness has appeared in the hedgerows, fields and woodlands. Also, dare I say it,  if you linger too long, the sun warms your face. Buds have flowered into bursts of colour, blossom on the plum and blackthorn have appeared promising future fruits and with all this, comes hope. Hope for something better, that elusive ‘something’ that will bring better times.



Just a  few weeks ago the village here was under a carpet of snow; my little road was the proverbial ice rink, drifts on the back roads matched the height of the landrover and fields became untouched canvasses ready to be explored by foot, paw and sledge.

Then, just a  few days ago it was so hot that bare arms were braved when pruning the apples trees, the daily walk was far too hot for a coat and breakfast outside at the garden table was a must.

Yet, today, it was a gloriously bright and crisp morning, full sun, blue sky, but … freezing. A ‘proper’ spring morning. The smell of spring was definitely there to be inhaled and wandering through the garden frost sparkled across the  veggie plot; last nights dog toy that had been left out was frozen solid – not that Bramble minded when she carried back in and placed it on the bed mud and all!

In the space of just a few weeks nature has experienced temperatures of minus seventeen in some areas to  a then heady plus thirteen. That is not to say we are out of the woods yet, there is still time for more snow and frost! I know we are famed for talking about the weather, but the last two weeks really has highlighted  how like nature, we too can adapt and just get on with whatever is thrown at us in a short amount of time.  And goodness knows, after the last year or so, I think we can all, be it the countryside or anywhere on this planet, add that skill to our CV!

I look forward to seeing what March will bring and will share using the hashtag #lccsoutheast the spring treasures I find on my daily wanderings.




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Lisa Holden

Posted by Lisa Holden

Regional Reporter - South East

Hello, my name is Lisa and I live in a tiny rural village in Kent. I am a full time mum to Alex and Emily and a self employed artist. My artwork is inspired by the seasons and my daily walks, my favourite style being a quick pen and wash illustration and lino printing. I have recently rebranded as Notes from the Hedgerow to share my artwork and adventures with our new springer spaniel puppy Bramble. My hobbies include visiting local places here in Kent, landrovers, crochet and training Bramble!

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