Posted on 4th May 2021 by Hooves and Love

Gifts for pony mad children!

The past year has been so challenging for people of all ages, from older folk who had to shield for months on end to couples with real worries around jobs and money. Then there were single people for whom loneliness and isolation will be their defining memory of the past 12 months. My heart goes out to anyone who lost a loved one or suffered hardship and hope that things are on the up again now!

The pandemic has been tough on children and young people too. Our youngsters are so resilient, but these 12 months have been really tough for them. Whether your children love school or hate it, heading off to class is normally a big part of their lives. Zoom calls and socially distanced meet ups have helped, but nothing can replace a relaxed, fun day at school. Being cut off from friends and peers has been incredibly hard for them, and the uncertainty hasn’t helped. No parent likes to say “I just don’t know” when asked when their child can play with their best friend again. Added to that, so many children have been unable to let off some much-needed steam by taking part in their favourite sports and hobbies! Thank goodness for ponies, even if we’ve really missed taking them to events, competitions and more.

But now, my children are back at school and my goodness they are so much happier for it. I miss having them around during the day (the house is so, so quiet!), but spending time with their friends is much better for them. We can now meet friends and family outside and maybe, just maybe, we’ll be able to wave goodbye to all limits on our social lives by late June! How good will that feel?

Either way, I know I can’t wait to be able to sit and watch my kids just being kids again…In the meantime, we have a little longer to wait before we can start enjoying more freedom. That may still mean posting gifts and celebrating remotely with our friends and loved ones. If you’re in need of some gifting inspiration for a horse-mad child, we have some gorgeous boxes which are perfect for young riders. Whether they are celebrating a birthday, or they just deserve a big ‘thankyou’ for being helpful throughout the pandemic, here are two to take a closer look at:


The Neigh Gift Box

I just love these sweaters, made from cosy black cotton with a glittering horsey slogan on the front. It’s inspired by the iconic line ‘you had me at hello” from the film Jerry Maguire, with a fun equestrian twist. The Child’s Gift Box includes the sweater (beautifully packaged of course!), allows you to personalise the box, add in a hand-written note and even add a sweet horse head keyring too. If the gift is to celebrate surviving home schooling, the Twinning Gift Box might be just the ticket – mother and child can have matching sweaters!


The Young Riders Gift Box

This Gift Box is all about nostalgia for me. I created it based on my own childhood memories and times at the stables playing ponies at the weekends. It’s a lovely gift set that can be personalised making it even more special, and I hope that any little person receiving this Gift Box will create their own happy memories using each of the products.


The Friendship Gift Box

A stunning friendship bracelet forms the heart of the lovely Friendship Gift Box, perfect for a pony-mad young lady. The bracelet features a snaffle design and is fully adjustable so they will be able to wear it now and when they are older. A pretty hand-sewn rosette bag and cloth-covered horsey notebook are also included, all carefully packed into a Hooves & Love box which can be personalised too. I know how over the moon I would have been to receive this as a horse-mad girl, and I think it makes a truly lovely gift!






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