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‘Tried & Tested’: Covered Creations Deluxe Gift Set


Whether living, working or visiting the Countryside it means having gear that’s up to the job. Our NEW ‘Tried & Tested’ feature brings you a selection of products tested at home and in the field by our Regional Reporter team many of whom are animal owners or live on the farm and spend most of their time in the Great Outdoors.


Here’s one for the home….


Description From Covered Creations:

This beautifully fragranced set includes our Luxury Hand & Body Wash and matching moisturising Body Lotion.

Along with your choice of:

An elegant Reed Diffuser OR a medium hand poured, white frosted Candle.

Delivered wrapped in tissue, boxed and in an elegant gift bag with our compliments.




Reviewed by our Regional Reporter Lucy:

The deluxe gift set arrived in beautiful packaging and included a luxury hand wash, body lotion and candle. A real high end look and a pleasure to open.

Inside the set there was a luxury Hand & Body Wash and matching moisturising Body Lotion. Both of these products had a lovely feel and texture.
The candle was a high quality looking candle and felt high end.  The wax melted evenly and cleanly. To receive as a gift it would feel really luxurious.
There are 6 different scents to choose from and to find the perfect one for you Covered Creations offers a sample tealight set (the purchase can also be refunded against a full sized candle!)
Final Thoughts…
The price point is very reasonable for a luxury product with a range of fragrances available and would make a perfect gift or a special treat to yourself!




Find the Covered Creations Deluxe Gift Set Here

RRP £35


Covered Creations Candle

Description from Covered Creations:

Our hand poured, natural wax candles come in white frosted glass jars, allowing the candle to glow when lit. High-quality fragrances mean that even when not in use your candle will provide a subtle background scent. Once alight the wax will melt, and your chosen fragrance will fill the air.

Delivered wrapped in tissue in a black box

Please see our Candle Care Guide to get the most out of your candles, safely

Weight: 220g

Burn Time: Approx. 55 hours

The Fragrance:  Top notes of juicy pomegranate and plum blended with fresh roses, perfectly complimented by patchouli, cedarwood, violet leaf and spices. Balanced by vanilla, leather and musky amber.




Reviewed by Lindsey McDean

I received the Covered Creations Garnet scent candle as a gift from a friend and having never treated myself to a luxury candle before I was delighted with this one. The candle arrived in a nicely branded box and I loved the scent which wasn’t overbearing.

Taking pride of place on my desk, the candle looks smart both unlit and lit. The white glass of the candle would suit any decor. I light this regularly and still have plenty of burn time left!


Final Thoughts

This a very smart looking candle that smells wonderful and ooses luxury with it’s white glass finish. This would make a superb gift or a treat for yourself plus you have 7 scents to choose from. Love the idea of the sample tealight set from Covered Creations to allow you to discover your favourite scent


Find the Covered Creations Medium Candle Here

RRP £19.50




More about Covered Creations:

“Our Background:

A few years ago, on a snowy trip to Norway we visited a craft workshop in the mountains and clumsily made our first, hand-dipped candles. We thought it was just a fun thing to do on holiday but that was it, we were hooked.

We came home and started creating our own range. Initially just pillar candles in a variety of sizes, but I loved the combination of candlelight and fragrance. Wax gently warmed by a burning wick, melting to release glorious scents to fill our home. We experimented with wick sizes and types of wax to create the optimum burn time, then glass colours for the best atmosphere. Next, we sourced high quality oils in spicy, oriental, woody, floral and fruity fragrances, until we settled on our signature range.

Diffusers came next, meaning I could enjoy fabulous fragrances in every room, for weeks. I just had to remember to flip the reeds to refresh them.

My friends loved the fragrances and asked us for hand & body products.

We now include Luxury Hand & Body Wash and a non-greasy Body Lotion, perfect for in the kitchen, even better in the bathroom. Refreshing and uplifting morning showers, leaving you ready for the day ahead or luxurious, relaxing baths enveloped in your favourite fragrance with candles gently flickering, at the end of the day, finished off with body lotion that nourishes and leaves a hint of fragrance on your skin.

Our range now includes hand poured, richly scented candles, diffusers, luxury hand & body wash and lotion for the ultimate experience. 

We’ve come a long way since those Norwegian candles and hope you’ll love our products as much as we do.

CC x”


All our reviews are completely free of charge. The unbiased views on the products are provided by our team member testing the product/s for our audience.

Lindsey McDean

Posted by Lindsey McDean

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