Posted on 28th June 2021 by Fabiana Ferraro

“Come Craft With Me” – DIY Candle Making

“Come Craft With Me” – DIY Candle Making

Just recently the British weather has surpassed itself, and despite the sun disappearing today, I think it’s quite safe to say the forecasted rain showers are much welcomed – especially by my garden plants!

So I hear you ask, what can we do when our usual outdoor country pursuits are dampened, and we are stuck indoors? No panic, I have a crafty solution to keep you entertained. It won’t cost you more than a couple of pounds, is ideal for everyone (even those who believe they haven’t a creative bone in their body), doesn’t take too long and makes a great gift for someone (or you could keep it for yourself!)… What’s more, we will also be doing our bit for the environment, recycling old candle wax and containers.



To get started you’ll need a couple of key materials, most of which you can find from around the house. These include:

These can be purchased from most local art & craft shops or ordered online (I purchased mine on Amazon, costing me £1.80 for a pack of 10).

Rather than purchasing new soy wax, I have decided to keep costs low and do my bit for the environment by recycling leftover wax in pots/jars (from old candles that cannot be burned anymore). When using this method, it’s advisable to group and use similar scented and coloured waxes together otherwise, you may end up with a strange looking or scented candle. This method also removes the need to buy soy wax, oil scent and dye.




1. Begin by grouping together similar scented and coloured wax candles from around your home.

2. Prepare wick holder – In the middle of the lollipop make a tiny hole, large enough for a wick to thread through.

3. Prepare your glass jar – Wash out so it is clean and dry, and insert wick. Use the lollipop to feed in the tip of the wick through, so it holds in position.

4. Fill sauce pan with boiled water and put this over a very low hob heat to keep water hot. (Note: Fill the pan slightly lower than your smallest candle pot / jar).

5. Carefully place the used candles into the hot water and allow the wax to soften.



6. Once the wax has softened slightly, using a pair of tweezers or similar tool, pull out the used wick and its metal holder. Keep stirring wax, gently melting it down.



7. Once fully melted down, wearing oven gloves carefully remove the candle from the pan and pour it into your glass jar. Repeat until jar is filled, leaving a couple of cm’s gap from the top.

8. Allow wax to cool and harden. Optional: Whilst the wax is still tacky, you can choose to decorate the top of your candle with small pretty flowers, glitter etc. I have sprinkled mine with dried lavender for enhanced scent and a pretty country look.



You may also wish to adorn the outside of jar for example, personalising it with a label or adding ribbon and extra dried flowers. The possibilities are endless and it is really just down to what you prefer, how creative your feeling and what you can find around the house.

If you do give this go, I would love to see your end results and the different ideas you’ve all used to decorate the candles. Simply upload photos of your candle making results and tag @cornwallroad in your photos. I hope you enjoy crafting!


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Fabiana Ferraro

Posted by Fabiana Ferraro

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