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Hit the ground running after COVID with these 10 practical tips

As we gently ease out of lockdown, and things begin to pick up again it will most likely mean that your business starts to gain momentum too. We’ve had an influx of go-getting business owners coming to us at the start of 2021 looking for a new website, with the hopes of hitting the ground running this Summer. People are so excited to get back to normality, so it’s more important than ever that your website is looking it’s best and bringing you results!

Because of this, I thought it was the perfect time to provide you with a practical checklist that will help you to get your website off to the best start. 


So grab a cuppa, log into the backend of your site and let’s get cracking…

Home Page Health Check

This may seem simple, but I know a lot of people tend to focus on adding more pages, products, posts etc to their site, and may neglect their home page. Your home page is often the very first impression visitors get when landing on your site, so you need to be updating this as well! Content ideas for your homepage could be displaying your most recent blog post, announcements or recent achievements, new products and offers…

Scroll down and make sure it’s looking on point from the top all the way to the footer! 


Clarify Your CTA

A common problem I often see is the lack of a clear navigational path for users to take from when they land on the site, to where the point of sale takes place. You need to have a clear call to action, otherwise, you will just get visitors, not customers!

Put yourself in your customer’s shoes; enter your website via the home page, and write down the number of pages or steps you have to take to get to the payment page. If you’re a shop, analyse your navigational menu – is it easy to find all of your products? You want to make these steps as small as possible, so that you can convert these visitors into paying customers and you don’t lose their attention!


Communicate About Covid

You may well be sick of the C-word by now, but for a lot of people this causes a lot of anxiety and unrest, so be clear to your customers how you are keeping them safe. This applies to online shops too – even something as simple as your delivery drivers maintaining a social distance and staff keeping to a distance at the warehouse can help to put your customers at ease.

Consider adding information into your FAQs page too.


Take Pride In The Promotion

Are you excited to show off your website? Does it make you burst with pride at all you’ve achieved when you browse through? If not, then don’t settle. Work with a professional designer, or take some time out to make it look 10/10 spectacular. Your site is one of the biggest platforms you have to showcase what you’re about, and what you do. Make this count and invest the time in making it something you adore.


Servicing & Security

Just like you take your car for it’s annual service, take this time to make sure that all of your plugins and themes are up to date. Check with your hosts that there are no bugs – even ask them to perform a quick health check – most should do this for free. Remove all spam comments (or install a spam filter) and correct any warning or error messages, and update your password to something different and more secure.


Tweak Your Text

Go back through any old pages that you haven’t touched for a while – a good example is your About Us page – and make some updates. Search engines and Google bots love updated pages, so it’s a great way to improve your rankings. Not to mention that it gives your customers a clearer and up to date idea of who you are and what you offer now.

Maybe you’ve moved to a different location, or been featured in a new publication… These are all great things to update your website with!


Pimp Up Your Pics

This goes hand in hand with updating your text  – make sure your images are updated too! You may love the photos you had taken 10 years ago, but do they reflect who you are now? Go through your pages and update any outdated images, or ones which don’t align with your current brand.

I would heavily encourage investing in a brand photoshoot if you haven’t already done so. With lockdown easing it means photographers will be back and open for business so get a consultation booked now if you haven’t already done so!


Brand Beautification

Speaking of branding… How is this looking? We specialise in helping rural and equestrian businesses revamp their branding, and if there is one thing we do know, is that this is SUPER important to have nailed on your site. Do you have official brand guidelines in place (get in touch with us if not because these are crucial) and does your website stick to these? Make sure the branding is cohesive across your socials, e-newsletters, and all touchpoints of your business to maintain consistency.

Is your branding reflected on every page through the colours, font and layout? Do you get a consistent feel on every page? You don’t want to have beautiful light, bright imagery, and then bold and heavy text. It needs to align with you and your business’ personality too!


Testimonial Time

Time to reach out! These can sometimes feel super awkward to get, but they are so helpful in the marketing of your business. If you have an e-commerce website, then adding a reviews functionality to your products can really boost the credibility and quality. People like to buy from people!

If you’re a service provider, then having relevant, credible and recent testimonials give future customers a great insight into what it’s like to work with you. This is especially true for personal, 1:1 service providers who work with people face to face.


Measure & Get Motivated!

A very important way to measure the success of your website is to use tools such as Google Analytics to analyse how much traffic you are getting, bounce rates and what keywords people are using to find you. It’s a good idea to sit down every 3 months or so and have a look at your progres. It may be a little skewed during Covid depending on your business, but if you have a good website the results should be positive.

It’s a really good motivator when you see the physical increase of visitors and revenue to your site, so get the glass of bubbly ready and let’s celebrate your success!


If you are looking for a new website then please do get in touch. We can offer a health check for you, or just give our advice on what you can improve – whether you want to DIY or get us to step in. Have a browse through our website HERE to see what else we offer, and to get a feel for what we’re about.


Whatsapp: 07981878997



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