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British Food Fortnight – Our Highlights

Celebrating the quality and variety of food here in the UK, British Food Fortnight runs from 19th September – 4th October 2020. Our Regional Reporters have shared their foodie favourites for you…


West Midlands

Katie Kimber – Shropshire


Favourite Recipe or Dish: my favourite meat is lamb, I love nothing more than a traditional roast lamb dinner, I think lamb is probably the dish that most people would associate with Shropshire too.

Favourite Place to eat:  I don’t have one particular place, I love a good old traditional country pub. As above I love a Sunday roast or a perfectly cooked local steak dinner with all the trimmings. I also have a massive sweet tooth, so a good selection of home made puddings is a must!

Favourite Farm Shop, Growers & Farmers: as we don’t really have a local farm shop, but we do have several local farmers selling meat boxes delivered to your door which are amazing!! If your local to me, (South Shropshire) I would highly recommend looking up Callaughton Herefords Beef Boxes, Crowwood Farm for their meat & game boxes & MossyRose for their Lamb selection.


South West

Becky Wren – Dorset

Favourite Recipe or Dish: since Rockfish came to Weymouth & Poole, I’ve become a real fish fanatic & love their fresh monkfish which has a bit of lobster like texture

Favourite Place to eat/drink:  Vinny at Six is my favourite place to eat & drink cocktails in my hometown of Dorchester. The restaurant/bar has a real sophisticated feel & you almost think you’re in a city rather than the county town of Dorset. And their cocktails are a-mazing. You can’t go wrong with a V@6 Espresso Martin using Black Cow Vodka which is made using cows milk from a farm in Dorset!

Favourite Farm Shop: Brace of Butchers in Poundbury has been a saviour to many locals during lockdown filling their shop full of lovely local produce.

Favourite Growers/Farmers:  Eweleaze & Hollis Mead Dairy’s are both going from strength to strength in Dorset with their pop-up milk vending machines.


Leeza Williams – Cornwall

Favourite Food:

Russian Cream

This Cornish pudding was kept for High Days, Holidays and Sunday tea.    For true Helstonian’s it’s a real treat on Flora Day!

Place milk, gelatine and sugar in a pan over a low heat until gelatine has dissolved. Remove from the heat and beat in the yolks of the eggs. Bring to the boil slowly and boil until it curdles slightly. Remove from the heat and add vanilla essence.
Whisk the whites of the eggs until stiff and fold into the mixture. Do not move or disturb until set.
This recipe contains lightly cooked eggs so avoid for vunerable groups.



Favourite Drink:  Alcoholic – Wrecking Coast Distillery Clotted Cream Gin with Fever Tree tonic water     The milk that we produce on our dairy farm is used in the clotted cream (Roddas Cream)


Favourite Non-Alcoholic Drink:

Elderflower Syrup and sparkling water

30 flower heads, 1430g sugar, 946ml of hot water, 50g citric acid, 1 lemon


Favourite Farm Shop, Growers & Farmers: 

Lannarth Gate Farm Produce, Manaccan – Run by The Hosken Family who grow a wide range of vegetables and flowers on their farm above the beautiful Helford river in west Cornwall.  The quality and seasonal choice throughout the year is amazing.   Very low food miles indeed

Treleague Dairy, Ruan Minor – Run by the Green Family who process the milk produced by their herd of Holsteins into butter, cream and fresh milk.  They also have a local delivery round and stock local shops in and around the area together with their own shop on the farm site.



Bryony Parker – New Forest

Favourite recipe or dish: Personally it’s Beef Stroganoff

Favourite Place to Eat: is The Spice of India in Verwood also, The Three Legged Cross, Wimborne, the food is consistently good, and reasonable and its two miles away. But if I want a bit of a treat it’s the White Buck Inn, Burley or a great Afternoon tea at Christchurch Harbour Hotel, overlooking the sea.

Favourite Farm Shop: is The Pamphill Dairy, for fresh meat, produce and they have a lovely onsite café.

Or for simple quirkiness, the Rawston Farm Butchery and shop, fresh meat and produce. They went above and beyond in lockdown, with a drive through box collections service, using local produce.

Favourite Dorset Drink: is an English sparkling wine from either, Langham Vineyard or English Oak Vineyard both produce excellent sparkling wine.

Or something not produced in Dorset and another favourite is Warner’s Rhubarb gin with Fever Tree tonic.

Favourite Farmers/Growers: in the area have to include a client of mine Dorset Star Cider. Great homemade and grown cider. Also, Allen Valley Milk have a milk vending machine at Pamphill Farm shop.


Alice Lamming – Cornwall

Favourite Dish: beef stew and dumplings

Favourite place to eat: : Gylly Beach Café, Falmouth

Favourite Farm Shop: Riverford Organics in Devon

Favourite Drink: Mojito with Rum from SC Dogs on the Isles of Scilly and mint from the garden

Favourite Growers/Farmers: RJ Trevarthen, Cornwall for local meat and no names as such but vegetables from roadside stalls/outside houses are always fresh, tasty and well-priced. You cannot beat a homegrown yellow courgette!


 Mylie Gardner – Somerset & Devon

Favourite Dish: Risotto has been a favourite of mine for a long time and especially heading into Autumn, it is such a cosy comfort food! To me, you can’t beat chicken and mushroom but with added bacon and spinach with a sprinkling of parmesan (not to forget the accompanying glass of crisp white wine), that’s enough to put me into a food coma for hours! Sourcing the meat from our local butchers definitely makes all the difference as well.


Favourite Place to Eat: Every university student goes through a phase of longing for a homecooked meal, especially in the early days when anything but pasta is a struggle! When I’m missing my mum’s cooking, there is only one place you’ll find me… The Edgecumbe Arms. They serve the best Sunday lunch near Plymouth and you get the added bonus that it is accessible from the city by ferry so those without 4 wheels don’t miss out!

Back at home in Somerset, I will take any excuse to pop out to The Levels Country Kitchen. I feel like their menus are designed for me, I love everything on them! It’s also next door to the Elements Boutique Spa so there is such a soothing atmosphere – perfect for brunch with your main ladies!

Favourite Farm Shop: Dean Court Farm Shop. It’s on my route to Plymouth so it’s very convenient to stop in for a bite to eat and some local produce!

Favourite Drink: I love a Pink Gin and Lemonade (not just because it looks so pretty topped with raspberries and strawberries, although that is definitely part of it). But if you want to drink something produced locally then Plymouth Gin could be the way forward. The distillery itself is a fab outing and I have seen Plymouth Gin widely available elsewhere too!

Favourite Grower/Farmer: Riverford Organic Farm in Buckfastleigh, Devon is a fascinating operation! A visit to their website or social media alone is really educational so it’s not just about buying amazing produce, it’s about learning from them too; even if you’re not local.



East Midlands

Lucy Kay – Nottinghamshire

Favourite Dish: main a good rare steak, dessert a nice sharp lemon meringue

Favourite place to eat: we like to try all sorts but Indian is Spice Club in Melton Mowbray.

Favourite Pub: The Chequers at Woolsthorpe by Belvoir.

Favourite Farm Shop: Gonalston Farm Shop is our local and the owners Georgie and Ross are lovely, they rear their own cattle for the butchery. We also have the Real Milk Co Down the road in Halam who provide fresh milk off the farm via a machine and honesty box. We also have Newfield ice cream parlour which is lovely to go to with friends and children.

Favourite Drink: I genuinely like water or pressed coconut water. Cordials we like Mr Fitzpatrick‘s made in Lancashire.

Favourite Growers: Starkeys in Southwell produce the best strawberries in season. Robin Tuxford rears his own cattle for his butchery in Netherfield. Hammonds of Redhill are a big veg grower locally.


Abigail Dowdy – Northamptonshire


Favourite dish: is homemade carbonara

Favourite Place to eat: is The Old Crown in Ashton, Northants

Favourite Farm Shop: Boycott Farm Shop in Buckingham

Favourite Drink: any variety of gin and tonic that tastes good with added cucumber slices


Fabiana Ferraro – Northamptonshire

Favourite dish: Got to be my comfort food of Game Pie (filled with venison and rabbit, with a shortcrust pastry!!)

Favourite place to eat: Tough one but its got to be between a more formal supper at The Finchs Arms (Hambleton , Rutland) or for more causal food and drinks, The Grainstore in Oakham.

Favourite drink: Cocktail wise, I thoroughly enjoy a Margarita. Usually however, its a mild ale such as Rutland Panther again produced by The Grainstore brewery in Oakham.

Favourite Farm shop: We are spoilt in and around my area for farm shops. Within Northants we have Beckworth Emporium which offers a garden centre, cafe and fabulous farm shop (Sywell, Northants) and Smiths Farm shop with great fresh local produce (farm on site!). In the Leicestershire area, you cannot beat Gates Garden Centre which has hands down, THE best newly opened farm shop stocking firm local favourites such as sourdough from Hambleton bakery, and meat from Hambleton Farms butchery. Farndon fields in Market Harborough is another great place to visit for a coffee and cake whilst picking up some fresh farm shop produce (they also have a new milk vending machine which i am eager to try out!).

Favourite Local suppliers: Hambleton bakery, Nelsons butchers

Gates Farm Shop

North West

Verena Bowyer  

Favourite recipe or dish: I am addicted to Spaghetti Bolognaise, with local meat at the moment. I do have to add that I adapt it to Penne pasta, because not even with lockdown to help can I get Spaghetti into my mouth successful without loosing a shirt to stains!

Favourite place to eat: LOVE LOVE LOVE The Lunsdale in Tunstall, Lancashire. The staff are very kind and informative. The food is delicious and I can recommend the Prawn Pizza for take away!

I also LOVE the Milking Parlour in Kirkby Lonsdale. The milk is made in a farm under 5 miles away and they have a vast selection of flavours, from your standard Vanilla to Salted Caramel. The Salted Caramel is my favourite. I can also recommend the Luxury Hot Chocolate.

10/10 would definitely recommend to a friend, and with it being local – even better!


Eastern England

Teresa Lewis – East Anglia

Favourite recipe or dish: Well that has to be Roast dinner.  Particularly Roast chicken.  I do like lamb and beef too, but whatever meat it is, there HAS to be a Yorkshire pudding (or two).

Favourite place to eat: The Swan at Lawshall near Bury St Edmunds.  Laura and Lawrence are lovely and the food is something else.  All cooked from scratch.  It has a wide and varied menu and they do Roast on a Sunday too. Definitely worth booking to have a meal there.

Favourite Farm Shop: My favourite farm shop is the Willow Tree Farm shop, Lower Road, Glemsford, Sudbury. It’s an amazing shop with local produce, and they are so friendly and helpful.

Favourite drink: Well I have to have two here, one non alcoholic and one alcoholic.

So for the non alcoholic I love Belvoir Elderflower & Rose, mixed with lemonade.

For the alcoholic, I have recently discovered Toffee Vodka and my absolute favourite is the Fenland Distillery Toffee Vodka. Based in Wisbech.  They also do many other amazing flavours too.  There website is


Who or where are your local favourites? We’d love to hear all about them!

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