Posted on 15th January 2021 by Eloise Armiger

Activities to entertain children over lockdown.

I am a mum to two boys aged 2 and 6. They are both full of energy so I’m always on the look out for ways to keep them entertained, never more so than during a lockdown.

When I came to write this, I asked my oldest son to help me come up with a list of things he loves to do, so they are all child-approved.

We find there is nothing better on a crisp winters day to wrap up in our all-weather gear, hats and gloves and get outside, here are some of our favourite things to do;


1  Scavenger hunt. You can print these off Pinterest or design one yourself before you go out, my youngest is more than happy to just take a bucket and fill it with what he finds.

2  Build a fort. We have a woodland area near our house and it has the foundation of an old house that was there. The boys love nothing more than playing soldiers.

3  Play hide and seek. My two could play out on the yard for hours playing hide and seek.

4  Build an assault course. Find things they can run around, climb over or under, things they can crawl through, things they can jump into, Hours of fun to be had seeing if they can beat their previous time. Our favourite is a ladder on a hay bale; they pretend they’re on Ninja Warriors.

5   Sledging and building snow men. We were so lucky to get snow last week, we had hours of fun sledging and building snow men.

6  Make bird feeders. There are loads of easy recipes on pintrest, if you haven’t guest Pintrest is my saviour in these times. It’s perfect for all ages to get involved, plus it helps the wild birds who struggle at this time.


When I must get jobs done on the yard and have the boys with me, I’ve come up with some great ways to keep them entertained.

7-My youngest is tractor obsessed so I have a big dumpy bag full of sand, he spends hours with his diggers and tractors playing. Mud kitchens are also a big hit although the clean-up isn’t such fun.

8-I have an old shed that we don’t use on the yard, so I have transformed it into a play barn, we have a trampoline, swing and slide set, all their outdoor toys. Hours of fun plus they can be closed in when the horses are about to keep them safe.

9– Get them to help, it may take you longer and you might have to re do everything but mine love to help feed the animals, fill their water up and their favourite is helping put the fresh straw down.


For those days when its to wet and cold to take them outside there still loads to be done to keep them entertained.

10-Baking. We love making cup cakes and cookies, but they even love decorating biscuits with icing and sprinkles.

11– Colouring, I get rolls of backing paper from a hardware shop and stick it to the table. We then create scenes where we all draw different parts. We love to do beach scenes with swimmers and sharks or a nature scene and create a habituate for their toys bugs to live.

12-Build a den. Get the chairs from the table and lay sheets over them and then fill it with blankets and pillows and just hid out. Everything is more fun in a den, might even make home schooling bearable.

13-Board games. When my youngest is joining in we love hungry hippos and pop up pirate, now my oldest son is growing up he loves to play all sorts like the game of life. He also loves card games such a uno and dobble.

14-Our favourite, especially when we come in from the cold is to all get in our PJs, wrap up in blankets, make hot chocolate and watch a film. Harry Potter and Disney are always a firm favourite plus George likes watching films I used to watch when I was younger like the goonies and back to the future.

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Eloise Armiger

Posted by Eloise Armiger

Regional Reporter - Mid Wales

I am an equestrian Confidence and Mindset Coach. I help riders and equine business owners to transform their mindset and hit their goals. I’m a certified NLP Practitioner and I love helping people to start believing in themselves and find their true worth. I’m a mum to two little boys we live on a farm in Wales, with our small herd of Shetland Ponies and my welsh Cob Red. We love nothing more than exploring the beautiful welsh countryside with our dogs and visiting the coast in the hope of spotting some dolphins.

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