Posted on 12th February 2021 by Lindsey McDean

Business News: 5 Reasons To Buy British


‘Why should I buy British’ has been a question that we are thrilled to hear more and more people asking, it means consumers are really thinking about where they should spent they well earnt money and what buying British actually means. 

At Touch of Tweed we embrace the heritage skills from local craftsmen and women and use local supplier and materials, where possible to really celebrate  all the Britain has to offer, but what are the benefits to you, you might be asking?



Keep reading to discover the 5 reasons to buy British and support small businesses this year:


QUALITY: When you buy something made in Britain, you are typically buying a skilfully manufactured product that has well and truly been built to last.


ECONOMY: Money spent on British products also filters through to your local economy and enables UK companies to invest in each other.


FOOTPRINT: Products manufactured in the UK often have a significantly lower carbon footprint than those mass-produced in countries abroad such as China and India.


CONSCIENCE: When you buy British, you can be sure that the people who have worked hard to make those products have been paid fairly whilst working in a safer and comfortable environment.


DEMAND: If you back British manufacturing as a consumer, it will create demand. In order for this demand to be met, it will, in turn, drive retailers to seek supply closer to home.


When you make that decision to buy British and from smaller businesses you are making a choice, making a statement and supporting a dream, for that we thank you 



About Touch of Tweed

Young entrepreneurs and partners, Catherine and James, launched Touch of Tweed as an amalgamation of their upbringings in the British countryside and coastal areas having spotted a niche for garments that would stay true to their heritage but would fit in with the best of the country and coastal fashion.

The collection is popular with equestrian, country and coastal folk and all those who are keen to move away from fast unethical fashion. Offering high quality, unique, British garments that are built to last, and are kind to the environment the duo are spreading the word for consumers to buy once, buy well and buy British.

Only the finest fabrics are used in their products, and every piece of tweed is 100% British; coming from small mills in Yorkshire. Quality is of utmost importance, which is apparent in each garment and accessory due to the luxurious feel of the fabric and craftsmanship. British Tweed is used in their clothing and accessories in a way that no other brand has done before making this brand really unique.

Based primarily online but with the capacity to attend trade events, keep your eye on their find us page to find out where you can next meet the entrepreneurial couple and their British brand.

Lindsey McDean

Posted by Lindsey McDean

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