Posted on 19th February 2020 by Lindsey McDean

5 Activities in the Countryside

With half term here, finding fun things to keep the children entertained can be a neverending task! If the weather is on your side then here are 5 easy (and free!) activities you can enjoy in the great outdoors.

Suitable for children and big kids of all ages!

Enjoy a Sunset

Catching a sunset is one of the most spectacular natural events and it happens every single day. Our busy lives and hectic schedules may mean we miss the chance to really take in all the joys of a sunset so why not make a special trip to enjoy one?

Be sure to pack a blanket or a jacket to keep warm and some snacks whilst you wait for the main event as the temperature can drop quite quickly. But it’ll be worth the wait to enjoy the array of red and orange colours as they develop across the sky.

Enjoy a moment of reflection as the sun sets
Remember – the sun sets everyday in the West so choose a spot with a view in this direction and check the sunset times so you can be ready and waiting with enough time.


Watch a Murmuration

Taking place from November to February across the UK, watching a murmuration of Starlings is a wonderful sight. These swarms of Starlings somehow never manage to crash into one another as they make beautiful swirling patterns across the skyline.

The birds quick reactions and sheer volume in the flock make for some impressive aerial displays.

Video credit: The Royal Society for the Protection of Birds (RSPB)


Star Gazing

These dark evenings are perfect for a spot of star gazing. For the best chance of spotting some stars choose a clear night with minimal cloud cover and a spot as far away from buildings as possible (to reduce the amount of light pollution affecting your view).

Your eyes can take 15-20 minutes to adjust to the dark so you may need to wait a little while before you have the best chance of seeing the stars.

Stargazing is a great way for children to enjoy the sky at night. You may even catch sight of a bat or owl whilst you’re there!

Exploring the sky at night.


Counting Magpies

Magpies can be seen in the UK all year round and most of us know some (if not all) of the rhyme with the earliest version recorded in 1780. This is the version adapted for the children’s TV programme Magpie (1968-1980):

Good Morning Mr Magpie!
One for sorrow,

Two for joy,

Three for a girl,

Four for a boy,

Five for silver,

Six for gold,

Seven for a secret never to be told,

Eight for a wish,

Nine for a kiss,

Ten for a bird,

You must not miss.

On your next trip in the car or walk in the countryside, see how many Magpies you can spot…after 10 though you’ll need to make up your own rhyme!

Tree Spotting

Just because it’s Winter and some trees may be bare doesn’t mean there isn’t much to see on your next walk in the countryside. Leaves and seeds can help identify a tree of which there are over 50 species in the UK.

Take a look at this handy activity sheet for your little explorers.

Exploring woodland can be fun in any season.


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Lindsey McDean

Posted by Lindsey McDean

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